Is there just too much?

stock photo : Young woman reading a book lying in hammock

I was catching up on some reading last week and found an article that made me stop and think – in fact its one that I haven’t quite been able to shake out of my head since! Whether that’s because it happened to coincide with my own thought processes, it was particularly well written or because the ideas made so much sense I am not really sure, either way it was only a matter of time before it became a source for my blog!

stock photo : Interior of an empty fitness club with equipment.

The fitness industry is, as we all know, HUGE these days and you cannot walk down the street without seeing an advert for a gym, a new pair of trainers or a billboard exhorting you to try a new healthier food or snack.  And yet in western society we continue to grow ever fatter, the obesity rate is reaching epidemic proportions and affecting children at a younger and younger age and our overstretched NHS is spending vast resources on providing extra wide, extra strong beds and vehicles – all treating the obese.

stock photo : The words Too Much on the digital display of a scale symbolizing surplus, overabundance, overweight, fat and in need of a dietThe internet reaches everywhere and there are literally thousands of website and blogs (just like this one!) all encouraging and trying to inspire people to lose weight, get fit etc  so surely the epidemic is not because people just don’t know what to do? If there was anything to describe what is happening surely it’s that people have too much choice.  Too many different options with food, too many people telling everyone that this is the new way to lose weight, that this is the new quick exercise routine that will get results.

Isn’t the problem just simply that people have too much of EVERYTHING?

And if I believe that am I simply continuing to be a part of the problem and not the solution? But what is the solution?


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