What is progress?

stock photo : Weight scale with a measuring tape. Bathroom Scale with a measuring tape.
Or put another way, how do you measure progress?

Most, if not all of us measure how well or how badly we are doing with weight loss, fitness etc. by the numbers on the scales each week, a product of years of being told that that is the way to assess how fat or thin we are. But we also know that that really isnt the whole story.

After all you can have two people of the same height and weight yet their body composition can be vastly different.  One can be an incredibly fit person with bulging muscles yet the other is very definitely overweight – but they both weigh the same.  So taking that on board surely we have to look at more than the scales to tell us how we are doing?

BMI charts and table  – much favoured by governments and statisticians, a measure of weight and height that takes no account of lean muscles.  The result? Professional sportsmen often categorised as obese!

So, if we discredit BMI and pure weighing as a measure of how we are doing what are we left with? From my own journey I have tried really hard to abandon the obsessive scale monitoring and things definitely improved once I stopped worrying about why I put on a pound in the last couple of days!

So what are the answers, how do other people monitor or measure their success or failure?  What measure gives the best overall reflection of how well a person is doing?

Would be interested to hear what other people do…..?


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