What is it with the fashion police?

stock photo : Shallow depth of field image taken of yellow law enforcement line with police car and lights in the background.Looking around WordPress and the net I have come across several articles written by women criticising what other women wear to the gym; apart from the bullying nature of some of these posts I cannot believe that as grown women we still resort to playground judgements and hostility.

At the end of the day what on earth does it matter to anyone else whether someone wears a thong, bright pink lycra, full make up or a black goth T-shirt for that matter? None of us know their story, their background or how their day or week has gone, who are any of us to pass judgement? For those of you who have posted negative comments in the past about other women please, I ask you to just stop and think; how much do you really know about the woman on treadmill or weight station next to you?  The woman in the full make-up may have come straight from work or just maybe, it’s the only thing that gives her the strength or confidence to walk in the door such is her insecurity. Or maybe the bright pink top was a present from a loved one or she has achieved so much that its her celebration outfit? Or maybe her husband has lost his job and the goth t-shirt is the only thing that fits and she can’t afford to buy anything else?

What I am saying is that none of us can possibly judge someone else based on what they look like in the gym and it is so unfairstock photo : Fancy red G-String hanging from Clothes-Line with white background that not only do others make a judgement they then feel the need to share their criticism with the rest of the world!

How many of us remember how horrible it could be as a teenager  – I guarantee all of us had a gang of cool kids or popular kids (usually girls – you remember what they were like) who made snide comments or perfected the judgmental and not very subtle head to toe up and down look that says ‘what on earth do you think you are wearing’ and unless you were one of the not very nice bitchy gang (wasn’t Mean Girls meant to be a documentary?!), you can all remember how horrible it felt to be judged like that EVERY DAY.

Well, I don’t know about you but I thought being an adult meant we had grown out of treating each other like that so to see it continue with grown women who should know better is so disappointing. As an aside, I do have my own reasons for wearing what I do to the stock vector : Lingerie Icon Vector for Valentine's day or love.gym and they have nothing to with what other women (or men) think.  I wear what I wear because its comfortable, it makes me feel confident and it reflects who I am outside of the gym  and yes, realistically I probably am that women wearing a thong under fitted shorts, a pink lycra top and full make up! But I’m more likely to be found lifting heavy weights rather than having a gentle jog on the treadmill!

Incidentally, a final thought for all of you who have toddled along on the treadmill or cross trainer assessing what the woman next to you is wearing and then had enough energy to come home and past judgement on your blogs, you obviously aren’t working hard enough!


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