Living with the lion….Part 2

stock photo : Lion (8 years) - Panthera leo in front of a white background

It’s all very well learning to live with the lion outside your door but how about we take a leaf out his book (I know I’ve mixed my metaphors!) and learn to eat like one?

Having had my own personal nutrition/weight issues in recent years it was a bit of a light-bulb moment when I realised I was eating, at max, 1200 calories a day (and frequently much fewer) with as little as 40g of protein a day. And this is despite training 4-5 times a week; I was quite obviously not eating enough and definitely not enough protein!

Looking at inspirational books such as Rachel Cosgrove book “The Female Body Breakthrough” or “The New Rules of Lifting for Women – Lift like a Man, Look like a Goddess” by Lou Schuler its quite clear that the consistently recommended amount of protein is around 1g per lb of LBM but that overall the amount of macro nutrients consumed should be the rough proportions of 40/30/30 of carbs/fat/protein respectively.

On that basis most people could  seriously up their protein content!

From my own experience I started playing around with food combinations to see what worked and what I could tolerate at certain times of day; James Duigan recommends in his book “The Clean and Lean Cookbook” that  if you can make the mental adjustment the ideal breakfast would be an animal protein such as steak plus a green vegetable (broccoli or spinach) which although a great start to the day, does take some getting used to!

All of which made me realise that by increasing the amount of protein eaten to a reasonable amount (Rachel Cosgrove recommends 4-6oz per meal) people are generally far less likely to snack and the increased protein helps significantly in muscle-building and thereby increasing LBM, its  a bit of a no-brainer!

stock photo : Some exemples of animal protein, eggs, cheese, fish, and

It seems so simple really, if you want to build lean muscles, to have a body mass that is composed of lean muscles and not fat you have to eat a significant amount of protein.  The long and the short of it is that increased fat and protein will fill you up more than empty carbs and will reduce your need to snack.

As Lou Shuler says in his book “New Rule #16 – Protein is the queen of macronutients” Protein does more than blunt your appetite and speed up your metabolism. It also helps you maintain muscle whilst losing fat.  Why oh why is this message not a mainstream one, why is so hard for people to understand?

So to drag this all back to the beginning, although we have to learn to accept that the lion lives outside our door, accept the stresses and strains of our life without the damaging cortisol levels, we would do well to befriend him, invite him in and share our food. Lets face it, the lion doesn’t trot down to the newsagents for a bar of chocolate cos he feels a bit fed up, he’s had a bad day or he’s having a bad mane day! He eats PROTEIN and lots of it; it makes him strong, fast, scary and, as we all know, The King of the Jungle.

stock vector : Cartoon lion in king outfit - vector illustration.

And don’t we all want to be the best we can be as King or Queen of our own Jungle?


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