Be the change you wish to see!

Ok, so after my complaints at the media and the portrayal of weight loss, I thought I would at least address the balance a little.

Jessie Pavelka

I mentioned previously Jessie Pavelka and the Sky TV show “Obese, a year to save my life” and whilst I didn’t necessarily agree with some of the editing or the portrayal of those taking part, I did find Jessie Pavelka interesting (yes that does mean interesting in a ‘ooh look he’s taking his shirt off again kind of way’!) and inspiring. So, take a look at his blog and the message he has posted about extreme weight loss;

“… we are all human and we all want the same thing: to be happy and to be fulfilled. I can promise you this, if you think for one second that going back to where you were will give you those feelings, you are gravely mistaken. You will soon find that all you where doing was covering up the truth….”

“…never give up, never be too afraid, too complacent, too closed up…”

I think many of us can take his sentiments on board and apply them to our own lives.  Never give up.  Never be too afraid.  Never be too complacent.  Never be too closed up. We all have the capacity to change, today, tomorrow, next week whenever and we don’t need to accept that where we are right now is where we will stay – grab hold of your life today and make one simple change and see where it takes you….there is a whole world of possibilities out there!


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