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Is fish safe?

stock photo : Sea foodThere is so much information about there on what to eat, what not to eat that its confusing for all of us. Talking to one of my clients the other day who eats very well we ended up discussing  how bad fish was for you because of the mercury levels, it got me thinking just how bad is it and how much is too much?

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10 Ways to Change your Life

Sunset at Colston Hall


I have been thinking for a while now about what I have learnt about myself over the last few months and what lessons I have picked up from all the books I have read, courses, seminars, blogs etc and decided it was time to pull it all together into one concept.

So, I hope you enjoy but don’t let it just become another blog page – get out there change your life, embrace the amazing world we live in and find your potential.  All of us can be truly amazing and you will never know just how amazing you are until you try!

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Can 4-minute workout trim and tone me up?

I found this article the other day (Express) which taps into some of the HIT stuff that seems to have gained popularity all of a sudden stock photo : Man Running on a Treadmill. Silhouette of a man running on a modern treadmill with halftone motion trail.and whilst I could moralise on how irritating the Daily Express is, that’s not the point of this post!

Dont you just wish reporters would do their homework before stating “…..xx have come up with….”?  Isnt what they “have come up with”  basically just Tabata? Lazing reporting is far too often the norm in the UK and I dont suppose I expected anything less than covering sloppy facts from the likes of the Express or the Mail – after all stock photo : Newspaper. Selective focus.why let facts get in the way of a good story?!

It gets worse – surely doing any high intensity exercise SIX times a week combined with healthy eating is going to lead to weight loss – it really isn’t exclusive to this “amazing new” plan! And, as is usual, the article is a “lets push a quick fix idea” and make people think they stock photo : pizza with a glass of beer on the wooden table(a) don’t really need to work hard (have you actually tried Tabata? Its brutal!) and (b) don’t need to think too much about nutrition; typical comment is “The only catch is that it has to be combined with a healthy eating plan”.  What do you expect?  Pizza and beer, four minutes of exercise and the weight will fall off?

Oh I do wish there was were some sensible, balanced fitness, health, diet and nutrition reporting in this country!

Eat Fat and Protein to Lose Weight!

stock photo : 3D Protein Food High Crossword on white backgroundConfused? Well check out Charles Poliquin’s blog  Tip 361 which addresses the issues of high protein, low carb diets.  It’s the way I should be eating – I stress should cos cutting the carbs down to 100g per day is what I am struggling with at the moment – every day is a bit better than the last which is progress. Yay!!

The higher fat and protein content really does make sure you are full and the good carbs from veggies ensures you get the carbs levels plus the fibre together with vitamins and minerals.

stock vector : golden figure with red wood made in vector

Would love to know what diets work for you, what are your favourite diet recipes, what are your ‘good’ snacks.  What do you think of the high/low carb/protein debate?


The 10 Things Fitness Magazines Don’t Tell You

I love having the time and space to be able to catch up on some reading and being able to read some of the great articles and websites stock photo : Closeup background of a pile of old magazines with bending pagespeople have sent me.  Here is one such interesting article from the team over at Livestrong.

I love this bit which is something that those of us who want to lose weight would all do well to remember “You need to find a plan that you can sustain. One that keeps you happy, works for your schedule and life, and is sustainable”

stock photo : fitness food“….too many people are either looking for a quick 4-week fix (doesn’t exist), or the one solution that will solve everyone’s problems. Not going to happen…..”

All in all an interesting article, let me know what you think?


Obese People Are Not Lazy!

stock vector : fat men on couch watching tv with dog

I came across this yesterday and I love her take on things Obese People Are Not Lazy.  In particular, I love this paragraph SOOO much and I agree with the sentiment 100%

“…Trainers, competitors, fitness enthusiasts–YOU have the know-how. Don’t hoard it! Give it away! And it may not be as simple as giving someone a diet to follow. You might have to actually ASK THEM how they feel, what struggles they are having, and take responsibility for their results. My mentor Alwyn Cosgrove talks about this often – he puts it on the backs of the trainers to get their clients results. It’s convenient to simply say that our client is noncompliant and doesn’t want it badly enough – it easily takes the onus off us. But, why do we get to be off the hook? They are paying US to help them be more compliant and learn to want it. So let’s take on the challenge….”stock photo : threat to a dieter who was caught cheating

As trainers, so often the view is that it must be the client’s fault, they must be cheating, they lack commitment or focus, they don’t want it enough and speaking as both a trainer AND a client “…They are paying US to help them be more compliant and learn to want it…” is exactly right. As a PT client, when everything is going well its great but when I am having a bad week and failing at everything I need someone to understand why, to ask me how I really feel, to want to help, to give me a nudge back on track and be there until I am.  Demanding? Absolutely, but I am investing my time, my money and my trust why wouldn’t I expect 100% service?

stock photo : man fitness personal trainer in sport club

In my opinion the best thing a PT can do to help his or her clients is to be a client themselves at some point in their career – there is nothing like being the other side of the fence to make sure you empathise with your clients, you appreciate why they think that some exercises are undignified or that they look silly, you understand why trainers need to get explanations and instructions right and you understand about motivation.  There is something about changing the power dynamics that really changes the way you relate to clients – from my own experience as a client I make sure that when I train other people I always ask them how they are, find out what is going in their lives, understand their stresses and try to offer some advice.

But back to the original concept of this post!  One of the key things we should all do whether we are trainers, clients, gym members, stock photo : road in forestfriends, colleagues, partners, neighbours whatever is to stop passing  judgement on everyone we meet based on how they look, whether they are overweight, fat, thin, old, young, it doesn’t matter.  None of us can know how or what their lives are like until, as the old saying goes, we walk a mile in their shoes so, lets all try and being a little less judgemental and a lot more supportive!


Five-year-olds treated for depression

stock photo : Depressed little girl hugging teddy bearI understand the complexities of this issue but why oh why are we handing out anti-depressants like smarties and not addressing the issues behind the symptoms.  Five-year-olds treated for depression and anxiety.

There are so many other, better ways to treat anxiety and depression but we should get a grip of what is happening in our society that makes parents and doctors think that Prozac is the answer!