Have a great day today and better tomorrow!

stock photo : An envelope opening to reveal the word Yes, symbolizing an agreement, acceptance or approval that has been eagerly awaited

I received this from the fantastic Bernardo at  NLP Life Training and in trying to find my inner cheerleader I thought I should share it:

1.) When you wake up in the morning, open your eyes and ask yourself how you are going to have a good day today. And make sure you give yourself an answer!

2.) Say “hello” to someone you don’t know and be kind to them. If they smile back, you’ve shared a little bit of humanity. If not … well, at least you gave them a chance!

3.) Treat yourself to a lovely lunch … and invite a friend you haven’t seen for ages to join you. Friendship is one of the most important things in life!

4.) Take 5 minutes to write down all the things that are wonderful about your life. Make this clear and stated in the positive. “Not having money problems” is a negative. “Being free of debt” is a positive.

5.) Give each thing on your list a big “thank you!”. Gratitude is a way of showing you’re doing things right – and making sure that it keeps coming your way.

6.) Take another 5 minutes to write another list of those things that would make your life even more wonderful. Again, make them positive.

7.) Think about ways you might get to those things. Allow your imagination to go for it. And break down the steps along the way!

8.) Take a few moments to remember events that have really made you laugh. Past good times hold the secret to future good times.

9.) Consider how you’re going to have a good laugh in the future – and make plans to start going for it, now. Making plans gives you a direction.

10.) Invite a friend to go along to something with you: a show, a movie, a new shopping centre, an art gallery or a trip to a fairground. Whatever it is, make it fun! An expectation of enjoyment will lift your mood.

11.) Take time to think about the people who really matter to you. Make sure the

stock photo : Two beautiful young girlfriends jumping on the beach at sunset. Photo with counter-light on background.y know it! Friendships require
nurturing … be the gardener of your soul.

12.) When you go to bed, take some time to imagine what amazingly good things you can do tomorrow. And expect them to happen!



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