When one size doesn’t fit all!

stock photo : Planning of a diet. A notebook c an inscription - the Diet, a measuring tape, an apple and penOver the last year or so I have been reading voraciously (I love that word!) about diet, health and fitness and have begun to develop my own really strong opinions about the advice given to the general public, about what makes a good, healthy diet and about the shocking state of the foods we routinely feed our families, old and young.

Working with clients has made me think again about the advice I give out to people and how my own view on what is healthy colours what I tell clients, so it was interesting to read this article Why One-Size-Fits-All Diets Do Not Work » Metabolic Effect Blog. The whole concept of  “one size fits all” is something I feel really strongly about especially in relation to health and fitness; one size fits all diet plans, one size fits all exercise plans or one size fits all resistance machines – they all assume everyone has the same range of movement, is the same size, has the same needs and the same goals and we all know that that simply isn’t true.

stock vector : stages of weight loss

I have felt for some time now that part of the reason people get so disheartened when they diet or decide to change their life is that their decision is usually based on something they read or something a friend or family member told them; they decide to try whatever plan is the next craze and then wonder why it didn’t work for them.  One size really doesn’t fit all and for me, that goes for Personal Training too.

Not all clients are the same, not all bodies react the same way so why do so many trainers persist in dishing out the same fitness plans, the same diet plans and even, worst of all, the same exercises to all clients? There has to be a better way to help our clients get fit, be healthy, eat well, lose weight and any of the million other goals they all have  – I read something earlier today about PTs thinking outside the box and I think now I have a little clear space in my life I need to work on what type of trainer I really want to be.  Do I want to be the same as every other PT, getting as many one on one clients a day as I can, taking the money, delivering an ok-ish service or do I want to offer more?  Better service, more bespoke, more results driven?

stock photo : benefits of setting goals presented on blackboard with color sticky notes and white chalk (give direction, energize, provide challenge, make your think outside the box)I think the answer is pretty obvious – how to do all of that is the tricky part!


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