Food Trends…..What’s In, What’s Out

stock vector : meat isolated on white backgroundOn the back of recent posts on Food, Nutrition and Diets etc I thought I would look a bit further and luckily I came across my old favourite Charles Poliquin who has mulled over the concept of food trends

Interesting to read another voice advocating eating good quality protein etc.  Having recently discovered the taste difference in grass-fed beef, on that basis alone for me, it a clear win for grass-fed but I do know and accept that the cost differential for most people is sufficient to prevent them from eating grass-fed all of the time. To be honest in these straightened times it would be difficult for me to push eating organic foods, free range, grass-fed etc as I know that despite the taste and health benefits when it comes to feeding your family some principles have to be compromised.

But where possible, eat organic, or grass-fed – the taste is so much better, the welfare of the animals is considered and  the positive impact on your health and well-being shouldn’t be underestimated.

Despite everything we THINK we know, not all fats are bad and all healthy diets should include an element of fat.  Fat make us feel full, a reasonable amount of good fats in a diet ensures we feel satiated after every meal and a mixed, balanced diet will provide the nutrients to ensure we don’t constantly eat or crave junk.

I agree with Poliquin’s comments about eating foods that are in season, its something I have been saying for ages.  Apart from the stock photo : Raspberries; Objects on white backgroundhealth benefits we should know where our foods come from, we should be aware of the environmental impact of shipping our vegetables half way round the world and the chemicals that have to be sprayed onto them to keep them looking appetising when they land at our local supermarket.

His comments on processed foods echo my post – as far as I am concerned we should all be avoiding as much processed food as possible.  How can we expect to be healthy or to lose weight when we constantly cram processed and chemically enhanced foodstuff into our bodies?  There really is a link between what we eat and how we look and feel.

And as for the suggested carb revival – do people still really believe that carbs are good for you? Oh yes, I forgot even our own government promotes a healthy diet as one that is based on starchy carbs including brad ad potatoes…..and gets away with it!

To reiterate what I said yesterday; eat the best quality real food you can afford, eat a balanced varied diet, avoid processed foods, toxins and grains.

stock vector : A person makes an Announcement Communication to a group on a Campaign Soapbox

Time to get off my soap box I think….!


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