Eat Fat and Protein to Lose Weight!

stock photo : 3D Protein Food High Crossword on white backgroundConfused? Well check out Charles Poliquin’s blog  Tip 361 which addresses the issues of high protein, low carb diets.  It’s the way I should be eating – I stress should cos cutting the carbs down to 100g per day is what I am struggling with at the moment – every day is a bit better than the last which is progress. Yay!!

The higher fat and protein content really does make sure you are full and the good carbs from veggies ensures you get the carbs levels plus the fibre together with vitamins and minerals.

stock vector : golden figure with red wood made in vector

Would love to know what diets work for you, what are your favourite diet recipes, what are your ‘good’ snacks.  What do you think of the high/low carb/protein debate?



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