Can 4-minute workout trim and tone me up?

I found this article the other day (Express) which taps into some of the HIT stuff that seems to have gained popularity all of a sudden stock photo : Man Running on a Treadmill. Silhouette of a man running on a modern treadmill with halftone motion trail.and whilst I could moralise on how irritating the Daily Express is, that’s not the point of this post!

Dont you just wish reporters would do their homework before stating “…..xx have come up with….”?  Isnt what they “have come up with”  basically just Tabata? Lazing reporting is far too often the norm in the UK and I dont suppose I expected anything less than covering sloppy facts from the likes of the Express or the Mail – after all stock photo : Newspaper. Selective focus.why let facts get in the way of a good story?!

It gets worse – surely doing any high intensity exercise SIX times a week combined with healthy eating is going to lead to weight loss – it really isn’t exclusive to this “amazing new” plan! And, as is usual, the article is a “lets push a quick fix idea” and make people think they stock photo : pizza with a glass of beer on the wooden table(a) don’t really need to work hard (have you actually tried Tabata? Its brutal!) and (b) don’t need to think too much about nutrition; typical comment is “The only catch is that it has to be combined with a healthy eating plan”.  What do you expect?  Pizza and beer, four minutes of exercise and the weight will fall off?

Oh I do wish there was were some sensible, balanced fitness, health, diet and nutrition reporting in this country!


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