Rules for Life!

stock photo : know the rules - isolated text in vintage wood letterpress typeI came across a blog a few weeks ago which detailed a set of rules that someone had written which were his fundamentals for living his life – they covered everything from fitness to clothing, from dating to food!  And it got me thinking, I have LOADS of these myself so I thought I would try and collate them all, so here goes my top 40.  By the way, there are only 40 cos I thought if I didn’t stop it would go on forever!

  1. Lift weights.  No matter what exercise you do make sure weights are part of it. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A WOMAN!!
  2. It’s not worth buying a candlestick unless its heavy enough to inflict serious damage on someone!
  3. Always buy the best curtains you can afford – cheap curtains are a false economy unless you like waking up at 4am!
  4. Eat real food, in season and as locally sourced as possible
  5. Make food from scratch – you know what you are eating and what’s in it
  6. Don’t beat yourself up for the times you cheat; as long as your diet is balanced and healthy the odd slip up will take care of itself
  7. Rabbits are the best pets in the world and should be cherished
  8. Look after yourself, make time for yourself – if you don’t how can you help anyone else?
  9. Trust your instinct – there is a reason you don’t like or you really do like someone and you are usually right
  10. Learn something new everyday
  11. Challenge yourself at home, at work, with your family or friends.  Get out of your comfort zone
  12. Don’t eat starchy carbs – no bread, pasta etc. It wrecks your insulin levels and is hopeless for weight management
  13. Everyone should own at least one good piece of art – not a copy.  And it should be hung on the wall!stock photo : Old antique books against a white background
  14. If you meet someone and they never read or don’t own a book walk away. Books are one of life’s necessities and someone who doesn’t understand that is short-sighted and closed-minded
  15. Wine glasses should be heavy – anything light or flimsy is utterly pointless
  16. Music frees your mind and body and it should be a part of your life everyday
  17. You are beautiful no matter what anyone else says or thinks, you are unique.stock photo : Women's shoes at the shop
  18. Your weight or BMI is an irrelevant measurement – don’t obsess over the scale
  19. The only shoes worth wearing are heels and the higher the better
  20. Cutlery should balance perfectly across your finger and should have weight – if it doesn’t it wont last
  21. Protein and fats are good – yes you can have a meal without potatoes!
  22. Second chances are good but more than that makes you a doormat
  23. The best revenge on anyone is to be happy
  24. Work is something you do, it isn’t who you are
  25. Have space in your life for you to learn to love yourself; if you can’t live with you, how can anyone else?
  26. Exercise shouldn’t be be something that is done once a week we should all be more active every day. AND IT SHOULD BE FUN
  27. Drink water, lots of it
  28. Every meal and every snack should comprise protein and good carbs.
  29. You can’t beat good underwear – you will so regret wearing cheap bras!
  30. Mirrors and lamps count as decorating essentials – you can never have too many
  31. You can never have too many pairs of shoes (is there a theme emerging here?!)
  32. You can never have too much pretty underwear (yep definitely a theme!) and make sure it fits properly. You will feel amazing and it does wonders for your confidence!stock photo : Medieval Tudor age long house of black beam timber and whitewash photographed against blue sky. Oxfordshire England
  33. The best houses are old houses – the older the better. More character, more history, more quirky
  34. We all have good time and bad times, learn to cherish the bad ones, they let you appreciate how wonderful the good ones are
  35. Real friends are not Facebook friends – a real friend is someone you can call at 2am.  Anyone else is just an acquaintance
  36. Cherish your children – they are small for such a short period of time, enjoy every second of it, it will fly by
  37. Love deeply, fully, obsessively at least once in your life. You will remember it for the rest of your life no matter what happens to the relationship
  38. Have an unpredictable, passionate, swinging from the chandelier love life – anything less is just going through the motions
  39. Love and laugh daily
  40. Be the change you want to be – inspire others, do what you say you will, commit to your choices, live with the consequences of your actions

I would love to know if anyone else has a set of rules or guidance they live their lives by and how different they are from mine!stock photo : Handwrited face on the sand at the beach



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