Why do you REALLY want to be fit?


stock photo : A purple button with the words Get Fit on it

Why do you want to be fit?  Really, honestly?

Is to be healthier?  To look good on the beach?  To prove you can? To keep up with the children or grandchildren?

Or is it a little darker? Cos you want to lift more than your boyfriend? Cos you know you will bump into your ex and you SO want to show him what he’s missing?! Cos you want to be skinny?


I first got introduced to The Great Fitness Experiment blog a few months ago and whilst most of the time she irritates me, occasionally there is a good or thought provoking post and this week there was one that made me smile and made me start to think WHY do I do what I do? I can relate to most of what she says but my favourite reason has to be “to outrun the zombies” isn’t that why we are all doing it?!

stock vector : question mark with speech bubblesSo what’s YOUR reason to get fit?  We all know the benefits but deep down, why are you really doing it?




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