Are squats the best exercise EVER?

stock photo : Women training in a fitness centerOne of my favourite exercises is the squat.  I love the challenge it gives me, both mentally and physically and if I am honest, I love the fact that stereotypically no-one associates heavy squats with girls so I always get that slightly odd look, which I lurve!!

I am a massive fan of the whole Girls Gone Strong movement and as far as I can see, the more women out there lifting heavy and telling other women about it the better the role models we make for everyone else. I have been lifting for about six months now and I love the shape it has given my body – I still don’t recognise my legs, I can believe they look like they do! But, if I can encourage other women to get off their treadmills and get into the weights area the more I will have succeeded so it was great to see Poliquin providing Six Reasons Everyone Should Do Squats.

So what reason / excuse do you have to NOT to squats?


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