Is bread good or bad?

stock photo : Variety of breadAmongst my favourite websites and blogs are a few that manage to mix a bit of common sense with some serious research or some sound medical knowledge – John Briffa has one such blog.  As a doctor in his own right I feel that he is pretty well placed to comment on some of medical stories that hit the headlines and we all know just how sensationalist the headlines can be.  After all why let the facts get the way of a good story, or at least a good headline!

stock photo : Sacks of wheat grains

Now, I have no specific medical training apart from  my PT qualifications but my own experiences colour my view of grains, gluten, bread etc.  A while back I more or less cut wheat out of my diet and from the very beginning I felt the difference – especially at lunchtime  – even  now if I do eat a small amount of wheat I feel sleepy for hours after. To put it simply I don’t like how I feel when I eat wheat, grains, gluten, bread etc and I don’t like the affect it has on my body.

stock vector : Gluten free food label, badge or seal with brown and tan color and wheat or grain emblem in vector styleSo, when Dr Briffa posted on bread “The staff of life or the stuff of nightmareshe was already preaching to the converted; how intriguing then when a response was posted from the BNF attempting to rebut his arguments.  Check out his response to their response…..



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