All about BeautyFitnessFashion and why we are SOO fabulous!!

stock vector : Happy new year 2013! New year design template

Having spent 2012 blogging about exercise/fitness/weight loss as well as my own trials and tribulations I decided it was time to broaden the scope a little and to start looking at other key areas.  And so BeautyFitnessFashion was born.

Starting in early 2013 focussing on fitness, the blog is designed to complement the other business areas due to launch in the next few months and will cover;

stock photo : makeup collection on white backgroundBeauty

  • secrets of the make up artist
  • how to get better skin
  • brining your make up up-to-date
  • how to look your best

stock photo : collection of fitness equipment over whiteFitness

  • how to get fit
  • the best exercises for you
  • what works…and what doesn’t
  • personal training plans

stock vector : Fashion models. Sketch.Fashion

  • exciting new product ranges
  • the best new trends
  • special offers

stock photo : on varnished wooden table is a white plate with laid out on her word - diet - composed of slices of different fruits and vegetablesDiet and Nutrition

  • how to get the best out of your diet
  • eating for health
  • eating for weight loss
  • good foods and bad foods

I really hope you will join me for this exciting year and will welcome the rest of the team as they come on board.  I have no doubt that at times it will prove challenging but there will also be some fabulous product launches and special offers, some great advice, guest posts and some really informative stuff.

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