Rules for Life!

stock photo : know the rules - isolated text in vintage wood letterpress typeI came across a blog a few weeks ago which detailed a set of rules that someone had written which were his fundamentals for living his life – they covered everything from fitness to clothing, from dating to food!  And it got me thinking, I have LOADS of these myself so I thought I would try and collate them all, so here goes my top 40.  By the way, there are only 40 cos I thought if I didn’t stop it would go on forever!

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10 Ways to Change your Life

Sunset at Colston Hall


I have been thinking for a while now about what I have learnt about myself over the last few months and what lessons I have picked up from all the books I have read, courses, seminars, blogs etc and decided it was time to pull it all together into one concept.

So, I hope you enjoy but don’t let it just become another blog page – get out there change your life, embrace the amazing world we live in and find your potential.  All of us can be truly amazing and you will never know just how amazing you are until you try!

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Do we really give introverts a hard time?

I have posted on here several times about introverts and extroverts and came across this on the BBC website BBC News – Do we really stock photo : personality building strong and powerful person psychology red textgive introverts a hard time?.

Apart from the general lack of understanding of what introverts are and what makes them tick I was astounded to read that apparently all introverts secretly want to be extroverts – a statement that really could only have been by someone who a) doesn’t really understand the concept and b) is a complete extrovert!

Change is so hard……take one step at a time

Why is it that we all find change so difficult? What is it about change that scares us so much that its easier to stay where we are rather than dostock photo : A man presses a button beside the word Change when asked to choose between loving or fearing change something that we KNOW is good for us.

I guess none of us likes the idea of doing something scary, outside of our comfort zone – it makes us feel not quite in control, as if we might not do something perfectly, that we might actually fail – and none of us really likes to think we might fail, especially if someone else is watching!  So we carry on eating too much, not exercising, smoking, in a job that makes us unhappy or in an unhealthy relationship rather than take the risk that someone else will judge us or even worse, we will fail to life up to our own expectations.

We all have that little voice in the back of our minds that says “you can’t do that” “I don’t like that it doesn’t feel right, so stop” “who do you think you are thinking that” ” you will fail” “you are useless / fat / stupid etc”.  The voice doesn’t intend to be mean, it’s there to protect you, to keep you safe but the negative sound track to your life holds you back, makes you doubt yourself and to doubt what you can do.

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Be the change you wish to see!

Ok, so after my complaints at the media and the portrayal of weight loss, I thought I would at least address the balance a little.

Jessie Pavelka

I mentioned previously Jessie Pavelka and the Sky TV show “Obese, a year to save my life” and whilst I didn’t necessarily agree with some of the editing or the portrayal of those taking part, I did find Jessie Pavelka interesting (yes that does mean interesting in a ‘ooh look he’s taking his shirt off again kind of way’!) and inspiring. So, take a look at his blog and the message he has posted about extreme weight loss;

“… we are all human and we all want the same thing: to be happy and to be fulfilled. I can promise you this, if you think for one second that going back to where you were will give you those feelings, you are gravely mistaken. You will soon find that all you where doing was covering up the truth….”

“…never give up, never be too afraid, too complacent, too closed up…”

I think many of us can take his sentiments on board and apply them to our own lives.  Never give up.  Never be too afraid.  Never be too complacent.  Never be too closed up. We all have the capacity to change, today, tomorrow, next week whenever and we don’t need to accept that where we are right now is where we will stay – grab hold of your life today and make one simple change and see where it takes you….there is a whole world of possibilities out there!

Positivity or how to inspire others

stock photo : Hand drawn text lettering of an inspirational saying

I saw this a little while back 18 ways to inspire people and it resonated so much  with my own journey (oh god its that word again, I must buy a thesaurus!) of personal self discovery.  My own favourite;

Be happy with who you are now, and let your positivity inspire your journey into tomorrow.  Everything that happens in life is neither good nor bad.  It just depends on your perspective.  And no matter how it turns out, it always ends up just the way it should.  Either you succeed or you learn something.  So stay positive, appreciate the pleasant outcomes, and learn from the rest.  Your positivity will help encourage those around you.

So, be positive, live in the here and now and enjoy your life and all it contains RIGHT NOW.  Don’t think, when I am slim, fit, got the new job, met the man, whatever, that life will be good or better.  Life is for living right now so go out there grab it by the scruff of the neck and enjoy every second of it.