Five-year-olds treated for depression

stock photo : Depressed little girl hugging teddy bearI understand the complexities of this issue but why oh why are we handing out anti-depressants like smarties and not addressing the issues behind the symptoms.  Five-year-olds treated for depression and anxiety.

There are so many other, better ways to treat anxiety and depression but we should get a grip of what is happening in our society that makes parents and doctors think that Prozac is the answer!



Do we really give introverts a hard time?

I have posted on here several times about introverts and extroverts and came across this on the BBC website BBC News – Do we really stock photo : personality building strong and powerful person psychology red textgive introverts a hard time?.

Apart from the general lack of understanding of what introverts are and what makes them tick I was astounded to read that apparently all introverts secretly want to be extroverts – a statement that really could only have been by someone who a) doesn’t really understand the concept and b) is a complete extrovert!

How changing your inner voice can help weight loss

stock photo : Several quotes of praise represent a positive referral of a product or personI was recommended to look at this blog and this is the second article I have posted from him – Dropping self-criticism seems to help people drop pounds too | Dr Briffa’s Blog – A Good Look at Good Health.

It’s good to see conventional medicine embrace something NLP has been advocating for ages and something I am a huge fan of.

Five minutes with Paul McKenna

Oh I wish!!! As far as I am concerned, the main is a genius.

I was lucky enough to attend the ‘Get the life you want’ seminar last year presented by Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler and to see the inspirational quality of their work was amazing.  Paul knows how to hold a room but the experience of c1000 people being put into a trance at the same time was incredible. The positive messages he installed then have stayed with me and I cannot recommend him enough.

Check out the short BBC clip and if you have the chance try either of his books/CDs “I can make you confident” or “I can make you thin” even if you don’t follow all the exercises they give you some useful tools to start to think about

BBC – Five minutes with Paul McKenna