Why women should train like men!

stock photo : athlete  bodybuilder at contest in EstoniaYes I did say that!  I don’t mean that we should adopt the less savoury behaviours we have all seen at the gym or the meatheads with appalling technique cluttering up the weights area but simply that if women embraced the attitude that men have to weights and training they would get the results – and the body – they really want.

So many of us have seen or heard the old story that lifting weights will make you big or bulky and most of us – stock photo : Image of muscle posing woman on competitiongod I hope its most of us by now! – know that its complete nonsense.  To get the lean, toned, sexy body that most women crave women need to get off the cardio and get into weights but how do we encourage that?  How do we break that mindset? Continue reading


Are squats the best exercise EVER?

stock photo : Women training in a fitness centerOne of my favourite exercises is the squat.  I love the challenge it gives me, both mentally and physically and if I am honest, I love the fact that stereotypically no-one associates heavy squats with girls so I always get that slightly odd look, which I lurve!!

I am a massive fan of the whole Girls Gone Strong movement and as far as I can see, the more women out there lifting heavy and telling other women about it the better the role models we make for everyone else. I have been lifting for about six months now and I love the shape it has given my body – I still don’t recognise my legs, I can believe they look like they do! But, if I can encourage other women to get off their treadmills and get into the weights area the more I will have succeeded so it was great to see Poliquin providing Six Reasons Everyone Should Do Squats.

So what reason / excuse do you have to NOT to squats?

Heroes and Villains

stock photo : Cabbage head

So, we all know we should eat more fruit and veg and for those of us who are trying to eat as healthily as possible, eating good veg (dark, green, leafy) is an essential part of what we eat.

stock vector : Cartoon bright landscape

But we all know that fruits and veg don’t just magically appear on our plates, produced by the farming fairies; they are produced in farms (often large scale) and owing to the unpredictable nature of the climate and the need to produce consistent crop yields year in, year out, unless we buy organic, we are consuming fruits and vegetables that have been treated by pesticides. But which ones?  Which pesticides are good/bad/indifferent?  What are the effects of consuming them in small or large quantities?

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High Protein Diets

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With so much in the media lately about protein and carbs especially the idea that low carb is bad, high protein is good its useful to understand what the science really means.  After all, going primal or paleo is all about eating lots of protein and very little carbs; I have already written about Why Gluten Free so I thought it would be good to understand the pros and cons of eating all that meat!

I was pleased to see that someone I respect Charles Poliquin had written on the subject with an eye on dispelling some of the Myths About High-Protein Diets.

stock vector : 100 % protein, energy sports food stickers.For anyone interested in eating more protein, eating healthily and generally improving your diet, I would urge you to read the Poliquin article – it certainly puts things into perspective and goes a long way to answering all those people who think that protein is bad!!

Why are we fat?

stock vector : Fat male

What makes us fat?

We all know that there is a recognised epidemic of obesity across the western world that shows no signs of diminishing and yet we have never had such amazing access to fresh food from around the world, we have access to more information than ever from the internet and we can access health, fitness and exercise information 24/7.

So what happened to us all and why, despite better education, better nutrition and better health care are so many of us overweight, obese and sick?

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Is Seafood Safe to eat?

stock photo : Raw tuna steaks on a cutting board

One of my favourite fitness experts has published another thought-provoking article; this time looking at fish and seafood generally.  Now I know that some of what Charles Poliquin says can be pretty controversial and sometimes he has a bit too much of a US bias for me but the principle of Is Your Seafood Safe is pretty sound and definitely worth thinking about.

Let me know what you think?

Why I am a Personal Trainer

stock photo : Couch Potato illustration; Smiling potato sitting on a couch holding a remote controlA few years back I was the ultimate couch potato, I went to work every day and came home, cooked dinner and sat on the sofa watching TV.  My Sky+ box was used every day to record multiple programmes and I am sorry to say I even knew what was happening in Eastenders! I felt terrible; I was tired all the time, I could sleep for England, my asthma caused me problems and all in all I felt dreadful.

I was working with a lovely girl who enjoyed her wine, enjoyed cooking and eating amazing food and was in thestock photo : Feet warming at fireplace with hands holding wine first year of very happy married bliss but had put on about a stone – every day she said she was going to try a new diet or was going to take up dancing and every time we talked about it I felt guilty that my weight was so out of control.  We talked about talking up pole dancing, about going to Weight Watchers, about trying the juice diet – you name it we debated whether it was worth trying.

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