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Steak, chicken or salmon for breakfast?

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At the beginning of my diet, health and fitness search like most people I wouldn’t eat breakfast at all thinking that I was saving calories and convinced that I ate less overall by not eating first thing.  The days when I did actually manage to eat breakfast were when I had been awake for hours and breakfast would usually consist of yet another cup of coffee accompanied by (on a good day porridge with butter and sugar) or on a bad day white toast, crumpets or something similar. Always followed up a couple of hours later by something sweet and hoping I could just get through until lunch!

A very early change to my diet was getting my head around the concept of eating breakfast (a) at all and (b) within an hour of waking up both of which were a real challenge to the way I thought about food. I have been slowly changing my diet over the last year and trying to get better at eating clean – I never ate lots of processed food or ready meals but the culprits for me were flour (in anything from bread to pasta), white rice, potatoes and obviously sugary stuff.

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I don't eat that much!

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How often have we all said that?

How many times do you say or have you heard “I didn’t have THAT much to eat or drink?”  As a trainer its something I hear all the time and to be honest, something I also know I have said but it’s possibly one of the most common “white lies” clients tell their trainers and its the one thing that stops clients really getting to where they want and seeing real changes to their body. And I speak from experience!!

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Heroes and Villains

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So, we all know we should eat more fruit and veg and for those of us who are trying to eat as healthily as possible, eating good veg (dark, green, leafy) is an essential part of what we eat.

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But we all know that fruits and veg don’t just magically appear on our plates, produced by the farming fairies; they are produced in farms (often large scale) and owing to the unpredictable nature of the climate and the need to produce consistent crop yields year in, year out, unless we buy organic, we are consuming fruits and vegetables that have been treated by pesticides. But which ones?  Which pesticides are good/bad/indifferent?  What are the effects of consuming them in small or large quantities?

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Why Gluten Free?

stock vector : Gluten Free StampAs you all know I am a big fan of the grain free lifestyle – I don’t eat any bread or basically any wheat based products.  I also choose not to eat any of the gluten-free speciality stuff either as I figure it’s the same as low-fat – you take one ingredient out and replace it with a whole host of others, making it even more processed than the original!

Like most people eating wheat-free or primal or paleo or any of the other non-mainstream diets I get challenged all the time about why I don’t want a sandwich, how bad it must be for me, how eating meat all the time is unhealthy, how weird I am! The fact that I feel physically better than I have ever felt and no longer get the horrible ups and downs with my blood sugar and my energy levels doesn’t seem to count for anything when you try and explain it to people!

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Top tips to lose weight

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We all want to lose weight, and a large number of my clients want to lose it from one place in particular – their waists, stomach, midsection, abs, stomach – call it what you will it amounts to the same thing. It’s the area that weight always seems to settle and the older you get the harder it seems to shift!

So reading Charles Poliquin’s Blog yesterday he was focussing on the best ways to reduce or eliminate fat from this area in particular but, lets face it, if you are eating well and moving more the benefits are going to be felt (and seen) all over your body.  With all of that in mind what then are the top tips to shape up?

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The 10 Things Fitness Magazines Don’t Tell You

I love having the time and space to be able to catch up on some reading and being able to read some of the great articles and websites stock photo : Closeup background of a pile of old magazines with bending pagespeople have sent me.  Here is one such interesting article from the team over at Livestrong.

I love this bit which is something that those of us who want to lose weight would all do well to remember “You need to find a plan that you can sustain. One that keeps you happy, works for your schedule and life, and is sustainable”

stock photo : fitness food“….too many people are either looking for a quick 4-week fix (doesn’t exist), or the one solution that will solve everyone’s problems. Not going to happen…..”

All in all an interesting article, let me know what you think?