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Is losing weight important?

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So, most of us at some point in our lives have thought “I need to lose a few pounds!” but what if you had more than a few pounds to lose?  What if you felt ok, seemed to cope with the extra weight, how important is it to get down to a healthy BMI?

We are all conditioned to think, to believe, that being overweight is a really BAD thing but what if it wasnt?  What if you were fit, healthy but had a high BMI? Do you still need to start counting calories and losing weight?

stock photo : sport - overweight woman running on green meadowRecent research suggest that perhaps it is possible to be overweight but still healthy and that being overweight per se isn’t the evil that we have been taught to believe, the  key it appears, is to be fit and healthy. Check out this article from the BBC and let me know what you think?



Can 4-minute workout trim and tone me up?

I found this article the other day (Express) which taps into some of the HIT stuff that seems to have gained popularity all of a sudden stock photo : Man Running on a Treadmill. Silhouette of a man running on a modern treadmill with halftone motion trail.and whilst I could moralise on how irritating the Daily Express is, that’s not the point of this post!

Dont you just wish reporters would do their homework before stating “…..xx have come up with….”?  Isnt what they “have come up with”  basically just Tabata? Lazing reporting is far too often the norm in the UK and I dont suppose I expected anything less than covering sloppy facts from the likes of the Express or the Mail – after all stock photo : Newspaper. Selective focus.why let facts get in the way of a good story?!

It gets worse – surely doing any high intensity exercise SIX times a week combined with healthy eating is going to lead to weight loss – it really isn’t exclusive to this “amazing new” plan! And, as is usual, the article is a “lets push a quick fix idea” and make people think they stock photo : pizza with a glass of beer on the wooden table(a) don’t really need to work hard (have you actually tried Tabata? Its brutal!) and (b) don’t need to think too much about nutrition; typical comment is “The only catch is that it has to be combined with a healthy eating plan”.  What do you expect?  Pizza and beer, four minutes of exercise and the weight will fall off?

Oh I do wish there was were some sensible, balanced fitness, health, diet and nutrition reporting in this country!

Is Zumba the best or worst thing to happen to fitness?

Zumba – hmm, well the one thing we will all agree on is that is its absolutely EVERYWHERE! On every infomercial or shopping channel, being supported by celebs, in every gym, fitness centre and even, for goodness sake, in every local village hall!

But whilst I cannot fault the marketing, spin, promotional material etc that has made it ubiquitous (well for now at least!) is there any real fitness based foundation behind the scene?  Does it deliver anything special for the millions of people who go to classes each week?

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How do we make fitness fun?

Exuberant Animal  DancersIn my recent post I talked about the concept of movement, fitness and play from the Exuberant Animal and and Mark’s Daily Apple .  The more I read, the more I feel that that is exactly what is missing from the fitness world, FUN.

But the question is, if we accept that some (or all) of the primal fitness movement to be correct how do we convince the sceptical general public that there is another way to get fit rather than at some nice shiny gym full of treadmills?  And when its hard enough to get people off their armchairs and outside into the real world – let alone actually to do anything – how do we persuade them to go climb a tree?

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Play as exercise or exercise as play?

I was recently introduced to the book The Exuberant Animal by Frank Forencich and whilst initially I wasn’t sure now I completely love it and would recommend it to everyone who wants to change their life and their world.

The concept is simple and straight forward and like most pieces of good advice you recognise instantly where it is coming from; that movement, exercise, physicality should be above all else, fun and should reflect not the constraints of the gym (cardio machines, resistance machines etc) but the actions and functions our bodies were designed to do.

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Living with the lion….Part 2

stock photo : Lion (8 years) - Panthera leo in front of a white background

It’s all very well learning to live with the lion outside your door but how about we take a leaf out his book (I know I’ve mixed my metaphors!) and learn to eat like one?

Having had my own personal nutrition/weight issues in recent years it was a bit of a light-bulb moment when I realised I was eating, at max, 1200 calories a day (and frequently much fewer) with as little as 40g of protein a day. And this is despite training 4-5 times a week; I was quite obviously not eating enough and definitely not enough protein!

Looking at inspirational books such as Rachel Cosgrove book “The Female Body Breakthrough” or “The New Rules of Lifting for Women – Lift like a Man, Look like a Goddess” by Lou Schuler its quite clear that the consistently recommended amount of protein is around 1g per lb of LBM but that overall the amount of macro nutrients consumed should be the rough proportions of 40/30/30 of carbs/fat/protein respectively.

On that basis most people could  seriously up their protein content!

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