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Steak, chicken or salmon for breakfast?

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At the beginning of my diet, health and fitness search like most people I wouldn’t eat breakfast at all thinking that I was saving calories and convinced that I ate less overall by not eating first thing.  The days when I did actually manage to eat breakfast were when I had been awake for hours and breakfast would usually consist of yet another cup of coffee accompanied by (on a good day porridge with butter and sugar) or on a bad day white toast, crumpets or something similar. Always followed up a couple of hours later by something sweet and hoping I could just get through until lunch!

A very early change to my diet was getting my head around the concept of eating breakfast (a) at all and (b) within an hour of waking up both of which were a real challenge to the way I thought about food. I have been slowly changing my diet over the last year and trying to get better at eating clean – I never ate lots of processed food or ready meals but the culprits for me were flour (in anything from bread to pasta), white rice, potatoes and obviously sugary stuff.

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High Protein Diets

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With so much in the media lately about protein and carbs especially the idea that low carb is bad, high protein is good its useful to understand what the science really means.  After all, going primal or paleo is all about eating lots of protein and very little carbs; I have already written about Why Gluten Free so I thought it would be good to understand the pros and cons of eating all that meat!

I was pleased to see that someone I respect Charles Poliquin had written on the subject with an eye on dispelling some of the Myths About High-Protein Diets.

stock vector : 100 % protein, energy sports food stickers.For anyone interested in eating more protein, eating healthily and generally improving your diet, I would urge you to read the Poliquin article – it certainly puts things into perspective and goes a long way to answering all those people who think that protein is bad!!