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Is bread good or bad?

stock photo : Variety of breadAmongst my favourite websites and blogs are a few that manage to mix a bit of common sense with some serious research or some sound medical knowledge – John Briffa has one such blog.  As a doctor in his own right I feel that he is pretty well placed to comment on some of medical stories that hit the headlines and we all know just how sensationalist the headlines can be.  After all why let the facts get the way of a good story, or at least a good headline!

stock photo : Sacks of wheat grains

Now, I have no specific medical training apart from  my PT qualifications but my own experiences colour my view of grains, gluten, bread etc.  A while back I more or less cut wheat out of my diet and from the very beginning I felt the difference – especially at lunchtime  – even  now if I do eat a small amount of wheat I feel sleepy for hours after. To put it simply I don’t like how I feel when I eat wheat, grains, gluten, bread etc and I don’t like the affect it has on my body.

stock vector : Gluten free food label, badge or seal with brown and tan color and wheat or grain emblem in vector styleSo, when Dr Briffa posted on bread “The staff of life or the stuff of nightmareshe was already preaching to the converted; how intriguing then when a response was posted from the BNF attempting to rebut his arguments.  Check out his response to their response…..



Calories are Stupid!

stock photo : Cup of coffee and the blueberry muffin with calories count labelsOne of my favourite experts in the field of health and fitness is Charles Poliquin and I love his take on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle generally.

There is so much information out there that confuses the public and trainers alike and most of it is around calories consumed – how many, when, how many meals per day and its always useful to find someone who provides clear advice alongside easy to understand science!

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Fab Foods for Fertility and Pregnancy

Pregnant?  Hoping to get pregnant?stock vector : Silhouette of pregnant woman with ornament

Amongst the millions of other things to worry/obsess/fret about are the masses of contradictory information available on-line, in books, parenting classes, from your families, your friends and even total strangers about what you should and shouldn’t eat, what constitutes a healthy diet; this is usually followed by their opinion of what you are currently consuming and why they know best! As if we don’t all have enough to think about!

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Fab Fat Loss Foods

stock vector : Lose weight text with measure tape and fruitsI eat pretty well most of the time and am reasonably good at sticking to my good protein and good carbs diet but like most people I could happily lose a few extra pounds (well 4lb would be nice and whilst another 14lb would be great I’m not convinced I would look better that much thinner!).  Anyway, whilst we all strive to be healthier and want to have foods that help us to lose weight, there is just so much out there that confuses; what do we eat? what is good for us? is protein good or bad? why do people think carbs are bad?

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Food Trends…..What’s In, What’s Out

stock vector : meat isolated on white backgroundOn the back of recent posts on Food, Nutrition and Diets etc I thought I would look a bit further and luckily I came across my old favourite Charles Poliquin who has mulled over the concept of food trends

Interesting to read another voice advocating eating good quality protein etc.  Having recently discovered the taste difference in grass-fed beef, on that basis alone for me, it a clear win for grass-fed but I do know and accept that the cost differential for most people is sufficient to prevent them from eating grass-fed all of the time. To be honest in these straightened times it would be difficult for me to push eating organic foods, free range, grass-fed etc as I know that despite the taste and health benefits when it comes to feeding your family some principles have to be compromised.

But where possible, eat organic, or grass-fed – the taste is so much better, the welfare of the animals is considered and  the positive impact on your health and well-being shouldn’t be underestimated.

Despite everything we THINK we know, not all fats are bad and all healthy diets should include an element of fat.  Fat make us feel full, a reasonable amount of good fats in a diet ensures we feel satiated after every meal and a mixed, balanced diet will provide the nutrients to ensure we don’t constantly eat or crave junk.

I agree with Poliquin’s comments about eating foods that are in season, its something I have been saying for ages.  Apart from the stock photo : Raspberries; Objects on white backgroundhealth benefits we should know where our foods come from, we should be aware of the environmental impact of shipping our vegetables half way round the world and the chemicals that have to be sprayed onto them to keep them looking appetising when they land at our local supermarket.

His comments on processed foods echo my post – as far as I am concerned we should all be avoiding as much processed food as possible.  How can we expect to be healthy or to lose weight when we constantly cram processed and chemically enhanced foodstuff into our bodies?  There really is a link between what we eat and how we look and feel.

And as for the suggested carb revival – do people still really believe that carbs are good for you? Oh yes, I forgot even our own government promotes a healthy diet as one that is based on starchy carbs including brad ad potatoes…..and gets away with it!

To reiterate what I said yesterday; eat the best quality real food you can afford, eat a balanced varied diet, avoid processed foods, toxins and grains.

stock vector : A person makes an Announcement Communication to a group on a Campaign Soapbox

Time to get off my soap box I think….!

Primal / Paleo – a revolution or a passing fad?!

stock photo : Word Paleo shaped out of Various Healthy Fresh Meats, Fish, Vegetables, Fruit, Tea, and Some Chocolate

The more I have read recently  the more times I have come across Primal or Paleo  and whilst I am intrigued by the simplistic evolutionary logic behind it, the sceptic in me cannot help but wonder is this just another passing fitness/health/diet/nutrition craze?

We have all seen the news stories about how eating red meat “kills”, how increased levels of meat and fats causes CHD and that despite all the evidence to suggest otherwise, Government advice continues to suggest we should base our diet on starchy carbs.  All it will take is one persistent scare story or statistic to scare the horses and being Primal or Paleo will suddenly be seen as the worst possible diet choice you can make and heaven forbid anyone should fee their children like that!!

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The truth about breakfast cereals

stock photo : breakfast cereal box, bowl and porridge (raster) - cartoon illustration

In recent weeks I have spent a great deal of time thinking and researching diets, food, nutrition and thinking about, above all, why we rely so much on grain based food and then this article from The Guardian was sent over to me…..

Drop that spoon! The truth about breakfast cereals: an extract from Felicity Lawrence’s book | Business | guardian.co.uk.

stock photo : Variety of Breakfast Cereal in Vibrant Bowls Isolated on White with a Clipping Path.

A really, great, informative article that certainly makes you wonder how on earth we can we can have arrived at a position where there is so much reliance on a food stuff that is so nutritionally bereft of any goodness – something that people genuinely believe is the healthy option.  Most definitely a triumph of marketing over substance!