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The truth about Pilates..

stock photo : Bicep reformer position. Pilates gymnastics is a Germanic evolution of yoga, used by athletes to improve flexibility and body fitness and by chiropractors for patient recovery.

Another interesting and thought provoking article from Charles Poliquin – just how good is Pilates and is it a worthwhile pursuit??

Let me know your comments?


Why women should train like men!

stock photo : athlete  bodybuilder at contest in EstoniaYes I did say that!  I don’t mean that we should adopt the less savoury behaviours we have all seen at the gym or the meatheads with appalling technique cluttering up the weights area but simply that if women embraced the attitude that men have to weights and training they would get the results – and the body – they really want.

So many of us have seen or heard the old story that lifting weights will make you big or bulky and most of us – stock photo : Image of muscle posing woman on competitiongod I hope its most of us by now! – know that its complete nonsense.  To get the lean, toned, sexy body that most women crave women need to get off the cardio and get into weights but how do we encourage that?  How do we break that mindset? Continue reading

Are squats the best exercise EVER?

stock photo : Women training in a fitness centerOne of my favourite exercises is the squat.  I love the challenge it gives me, both mentally and physically and if I am honest, I love the fact that stereotypically no-one associates heavy squats with girls so I always get that slightly odd look, which I lurve!!

I am a massive fan of the whole Girls Gone Strong movement and as far as I can see, the more women out there lifting heavy and telling other women about it the better the role models we make for everyone else. I have been lifting for about six months now and I love the shape it has given my body – I still don’t recognise my legs, I can believe they look like they do! But, if I can encourage other women to get off their treadmills and get into the weights area the more I will have succeeded so it was great to see Poliquin providing Six Reasons Everyone Should Do Squats.

So what reason / excuse do you have to NOT to squats?

Women and weight training

stock photo : Young woman weight training. Focus on hand.As you know by now I am a huge fan of weights and generally lifting heavy – I love what it has done to my body and my newly found strength, tone, power and flexibility but so many women are so terrified of getting ‘bulky’ that they avoid weights in favour of cardio or very light Barbie weights.

The whole Girls Gone Strong movement is doing amazing things to re-educate both men and women and to train out some of the crazy stereotypes in the fitness industry, so I love the fact the Poliquin has chosen to address the same subject.

If you are interested in getting a better more toned body, if you want to lose fat, look amazing and achieve a sense of satisfaction then you really can’t afford to miss this article

Why Women Should Not Be Afraid Gaining Muscle Mass 

Play as exercise or exercise as play?

I was recently introduced to the book The Exuberant Animal by Frank Forencich and whilst initially I wasn’t sure now I completely love it and would recommend it to everyone who wants to change their life and their world.

The concept is simple and straight forward and like most pieces of good advice you recognise instantly where it is coming from; that movement, exercise, physicality should be above all else, fun and should reflect not the constraints of the gym (cardio machines, resistance machines etc) but the actions and functions our bodies were designed to do.

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